Smappee is a multi-award winning global cleantech company that aims to reduce its customers' energy and costs by reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

Smappee's future-proof energy management system uses cutting-edge technology to analyse the consumption of electricity, solar power, gas and water in real time. The system not only provides a large amount of extremely valuable, usable data down to device level, but also enables users to control their energy flows. Users can channel excess solar energy to chargers for large consumers and battery storage systems, thus optimising self-sufficiency. With its intelligent charging stations for electric vehicles, Smappee is responding to the increasing electrification of mobility and the associated energy issues. In recent years, the company has become one of the leading players in its sector. Smappee is the perfect addition for installers and service providers in the energy sector who are looking for future-proof products and apps for energy efficiency.


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